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We are currently not accepting volunteers. Please check back again later.

Sunbeam Lodge values the participation of our volunteers and are pleased to offer a variety of opportunities for people to engage in the lives of our residents enhancing their lives through meaningful friendships and relationships. Your participation in their lifestyle activities is not just a feel-good opportunity: our residents benefit in myriad ways from the socializing, the change of pace, and the chance to have fun and let loose. Their emotional and social well-being is positively and directly impacted by the work our volunteers do. We are very pleased to consider applications for this important role providing they are 18 years and older.


Being a volunteer offers many benefits that include:


  • developing important and practical skills and insights into caring and interacting with adults with multiple challenges that can influence decisions regarding future careers.
  • an education on understanding the needs of people with special needs and the resources that exist to provide specialized care.
  • add meaning and purpose to your life by investing in the happiness of others developing lasting relationships with our residents and our caregivers.



Step 1 – contact Erica Sinco our volunteer coordinator Monday to Friday  9:00am to 5:00pm.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 519.896.6718


Step 2 - Complete an application form.

Step 3 – Reference checks

Step 4 – Applicant interview (included facility tour)

Step 5 – Vulnerable Sector Police Check

Step 6 - Orientation