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What We Provide


In combination with the sensitive and attentive care of our specially trained and professional staff we offer a wide range of programs and services that provide the opportunity for each child and young adult to achieve their maximum potential. Continuity of care and consistency in the delivery of care is critical to the success of any program. We take pride in our excellent staff retention having a significant number of employees with more than 25 plus years of dedicated service. We recognize and value each of our employee’s individual skillset, contribution, and potential as our most important asset. We regularly evaluate the outcomes, quality, and effectiveness of our services as we continue to develop and apply new techniques and treatments that will benefit our residents. We use a holistic approach, delivered by an interdisciplinary team that recognizes and meets the physical, developmental, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of our residents.



Sunbeam Lodge staffing resources include our Program Residential Coordinator, Registered Nurses, Registered Practical Nurses, Personal Support Workers, Day Program Coordinator, Recreation/Passport staff, Dietary, Housekeeping, and maintenance staff in addition to our Administrative personnel. Additional therapeutic services include Reflexology, Massage Therapy, Music Therapy, and Child/Youth Development. We also provides on-site clinics lead by professionals that include a Neurologist, Orthopedic Specialist, Pediatric Nutritionist, Optometrist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Pediatrician, Dentist, General Physician, and Mobility and Seating Specialists. These services are provided through bi-monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, and annual clinics or as required by our residents for on-going consultation. We are fortunate to have access to the resources of three, full-treatment hospitals in the Region of Waterloo. Sunbeam Lodge residents regularly attend clinics and appointments with our staff, receiving specialized treatment by medical professionals at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, McMaster University Medical Centre in Hamilton, Victoria Children’s Hospital in London and Holland Bloorview kids Rehabilitation Hospital in Toronto.




Sunbeam Lodge understands the pressures and challenges placed on families who care for their special needs children and young adults at home. We have been pleased to provide respite care for these families by having their children come into care for brief or extended periods when circumstances arise such as vacations or a variety of family circumstances. Referrals come from our local area and across the province. 

We have two respite beds available. For booking inquires contact:

Erica Sinco
Resident Coordinator
[email protected]
(519) 896-6718




Residents have access to the services of several medical specialists through our regularly scheduled clinics conducted onsite. Theses clinics include:

Orthopedic Clinic
Dental Clinic
Neurology clinic
Optometry Clinic
Mobility Clinic
Nutritional Clinic
Pediatric Clinic

Speech Language Pathologist

Augmentative Communication Specialists



Residents in care have access to our therapeutic resources that include:

Massage Therapy
Music Therapy
Snoezelen Sensory Room



Sunbeam Lodge is privileged to provide both a partial and a full day onsite Section 23 Classroom educational program. This program is established and regulated by the Waterloo District School Board (WDSB) who provides a qualified teacher. Sunbeam Lodge provides the teaching assistants.


All our residents are provided opportunity to be enrolled in a school program either in the community or in our onsite classroom.


Our Section 23 classroom program is an alternative programme for our residence in care whose individual medical and/or developmental challenges would make it difficult to function in a community classroom environment. We are fortunate to have a bright, stimulating environment that is attractive and stimulating to both our teacher, assistants and students in a setting that is very well equipped with the excellent educational resources.


Adults who have graduated from school enjoy an all-day Adult Recreation Program that offers a fun time enjoying crafts, music, sensory activities, participation in various community events and recreational places and resources. Adults from the community continue to register for our programs on a fee for service basis.




Individualized passport funding from MCCSS to many of our adults offers them access to  personalized staffing resources and recreational opportunities through their own Passport funding. These resources and opportunities are in addition to programs and activities provided by Sunbeam Lodge.




Sunbeam Lodge has a variety of wheelchair equipped vans to transport our residents to their medical clinics, appointments, and community and social events.




Sunbeam Lodge has access to the resources of three full-treatment hospitals in very close proximity to our facility. Residents are accompanied on every appointment or hospital visit by either one of our nurses or care givers. Our residents are seen regularly by specialists at McMaster University Hospital – Hamilton, Sick Children’s Hospital – Toronto, Victoria Children’s Hospital – London and Holland Bloorview Kids Habilitation Hospital – Toronto.



Truely a Home Away From Home

Sunbeam Lodge provides many diverse placement formats for admission of adults. They include long term care, transitional care from hospital to home, foster care or community and respite care. Get in touch today and one of our excellent staff members will be able to assit you with questions you may have.

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